BENEFO-Human and tools' innovation

BENEFO has development history for more than 60 years and industry accumulation for more than 100 years, which is a large state-owned group company in China's equipment manufacturing industry with main business income of over RMB 120 billion Yuan and is selected into the top 500 Chinese enterprises and top 100 enterprises in mechanical industry. The company has two listed companies with products sold in more than 90 countries and regions.
BENEFO shall lay emphasis on the development of the five industry sectors - electrical equipment, heavy mining equipment, machine tools, general environmental protection equipment and transportation and agricultural equipment facing towards the greening, intelligence and networking and energetically develop such manufacturing service industries as the financial leasing, import and export trading, industrial supply chain, electromechanical engineering installation and contracting and mechanical equipment parks relying on the main industry, forming complementary advantages of "supplier-retailer-financing combination" in the aspects of modern equipment manufacturing and comprehensive service.
BENEFO possesses 3 national enterprise technology centers, 3 national and machinery industry standardization technical committees and 6 academician & expert and postdoctoral workstations; Furthermore, it owns 986 valid patents, including 184 patents for invention; it possesses 28 well-known trademarks, and 21 national and municipal level brand products. Relying on the high-end R&D platform and brand advantage, BENEFO has undertaken more than 80 projects such as national and municipal level major special technology projects and "863 programs", providing the cutting-edge technical reserves for innovation of the group products.
BENEFO has become the sought-after partners, established joint venture and cooperative relationships with such well-known enterprises as OTIS, Siemens, Prysmian, Toyota and GS Yuasa and founded 47 joint ventures with comparative advantage and prominent strength.
BENEFO was founded in the 19th century in "Santiaoshi" of Tianjin - the cradle of civil industry in northern China, sprouted from "Tianjin Machinery Bureau" controlled by the Qing Government during "Westernization Movement" and grew out of the Tianjin Industrial Bureau established in the initial stage of new China. BENEFO has development history for more than 60 years and industry accumulation for more than 100 years, with ongoing support from the government. This is made evident by several generations of central leaders visiting BENEFO. Their inculcation and expectations have encouraged BENEFO to time and again create the Number One in the manufacturing industry since the founding of new China.
Carrying high hopes, BENEFO has manufactured the first elevator, the first jeep and the first foreign-aid freedom forging hydraulic press of 6 kilotons since the founding of new China. These represent the brilliant achievements of diligent BENEFO people and interpret the dream of BENEFO serving the country and benefiting the society.