BENEFO-Human and tools' innovation

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  • 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Advanced technology and continuous innovation are the foundation for the establishment and sustainable development of BENEFO.
At present, BENEFO has possessed 3 national enterprise technology centers, 17 municipal enterprise technology centers, 3 national and industrial standardization committees, and 5 academician & expert and postdoctoral workstations. It has established industry-university-research institute alliance with 16 domestic key universities and built R&D team consisting of 6 academicians, over 70 Chang Jiang Scholars and experts making first-class R&D achievements.
Relying on such high-end innovative platform, since the "11th Five-Year Plan", BENEFO has undertaken more than 70 projects such as national and municipal level major special projects and "863 Program". Besides, it has broken up the technological monopoly and filled the domestic gap in such fields as a complete set of spiral bevel gears for automobiles, a complete set of large tubular turbine hydraulic generators, amorphous alloy transformer, screw pump, and a complete set of intelligent weighted ball valve system. So far, the group has owned 1241 valid patents, including 188 patents for invention. It possesses 28 well-known trademarks and 21 national and municipal level brand products.
Detail makes the success. BENEFO adheres to the innovation-driven concept, making the transition from manufacturing into creation.